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About Steve

Stephen J. Williams has published writing and images in many literary magazines and newspapers. He has been the recipient of the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ Anne Elder Award and John Shaw Neilson Award for Poetry (1989), the Association for Australian Literature’s Mary Gilmore Prize, and the University of Melbourne’s John Masefield Prize. He lives in St Kilda (Victoria, Australia).

Portrait of Stephen J. Williams (detail) by Margaret Gold.
Portrait of Stephen J. Williams (detail) by Margaret Gold.

In the 1980s, at Meanjin, a literary magazine founded by Clem Christesen in the 1940s in Brisbane, Stephen was assistant editor for Jim Davidson—typing letters, sorting envelopes into postcode order, making tea, and playing Scrabble with A. A. Phillips.

Much of Stephen’s writing in the 1980s and 1990s was published by the editor Barrett Reid ( »» 2 MB PDF). Stephen and Barrie met in 1990 after having corresponded for a decade. Stephen worked with Barrie at Heide during the final years of Barrie’s life.

Stephen has worked as a book designer, radio producer, and copywriter; and as a consultant, writer, publicist, and editor for


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