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Jennifer Strauss's Tierra del Fuego
Jennifer Strauss’s «Tierra del Fuego»


  • ‘Walking the Line’, Going Down Swinging, no. 3, 1981
  • ‘The Division of Anger’, Luna, no. 14, 1982
  • ‘Clarity in Verse’, Australian Book Review, May 1985
  • ‘Representing a Nation’s Poetry’, Australian Book Review, October 1986
  • ‘New Poetry, with occasional lapses’, Australian Book Review, May 1986
  • ‘First and Last Words’, Outrage, March 1989
  • ‘Unlimited Compassion’, review of Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s AIDS: The Ultimate Challenge, in Outrage, April 1989
  • ‘Thingward Ho!’, humor on fashion, Outrage, September 1989
  • ‘Listening for the Poetry Boom’, presentation at 1992 Montsalvat Poets’ Festival; The Guide, a publication of the Queensland Poets’ Union, 1993
  • ‘Turning Away From Disaster’, Overland, no. 131, 1993
  • ‘The Personal Will Be History, One Day’, Overland, no. 136, 1994
  • ‘Literary-hetero-potentates Rule, OK?’, Overland, no. 136, 1994
  • ‘Make Black Icing’, Going Down Swinging, no. 15, 1995
  • ‘To like most the poems most needed’, Overland, no. 1, 1996

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An art and literary journal …
An art and literary journal:
  • A Typographer’s Eye’, Going Down Swinging, no. 15, 1995
  • ‘Being Sunday’, LiNQ, 1983
  • Big Orchestra’, Ash Magazine, 1984
  • ‘Big Orchestra’, Christians Writing, 1984
  • ‘Big Orchestra’, ‘Writer’s Radio/Author’s Proof’, 5UV Adelaide, 1984
  • ‘Comments on a Drawing by Martin van Maele’, Skew Whiff, no. 1, 1994
  • ‘Floating on Water’, LiNQ, 1983
  • ‘Four events while sleeping’, incorporating ‘Poetry is a small house’, ‘Religion is the art of belief’, ‘Martial art, sans art’ and ‘The program’, FIVE:2:ONE print edition, August 2017.
  • ‘Leading to Murder’, Going Down Swinging, no. 1, 1980
  • Man in Loft’, Overland, no. 120, 1990
  • On the Uncertainty of Finding a Place to Call Home’, Meanjin, vol. 39 no. 3, 1980
  • ‘Psychology Today, and Gas and Fuel’, Compass, vol. 2 no. 4, 1980
  • ‘Since Jerusalem’, Meanjin, 1990
  • ‘The Black King’, Fruit: An Anthology of Australian Gay Writing, edited by Gary Dunne, 1994
  • The Black King’, Imaging AIDS, Artists Against AIDS Exhibition, 1989
  • ‘The Black King’, Outrage, September 1988
  • ‘The Line’, Ash Magazine, 1981
  • ‘The Living Room’ (Peter Kein, pseudonym), Meanjin, vol. 41 no. 4, 1982
  • ‘The Possibilities of Language’, ‘Writer’s Radio/Author’s Proof’, 5UV Adelaide, 1984
  • ‘Thermodynamics’, LiNQ, 1983
  • ‘Uncle Stranger’, Meanjin, misprinted, issue 4/1992
  • Uncle Stranger’, Meanjin, reprinted correctly, issue 1/1993
  • X equals X’, Brave New Word, 1984

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  • ‘Poem for people who don’t like poetry’ and ‘Announcement’, La Mama, 11 April 1983
  • ‘The Possibilities of Language’ in ‘Personal Effects’ night, Universal Theatre; Nolan Tyrrell (performer), December 1989; (and at the Montsalvat Festival)



  • ‘——-S’, Big Bang, 1984
  • ‘914!’, Luna, Number 13, 1981
  • ‘A prayer’, ‘The faithful’, ‘Egg’, [Mostly there is just this], ‘The tourists’, ‘The king of hate’, ‘The poetry of Wallace Stevens’, ‘Flowers for the dead’, ‘Burning poem’, ‘Apology’, in Walking the Dogs: the Pariah Press Anthology, 1993
  • ‘after INVOCATION’, Big Bang, 1984
  • ‘Auguration’, Otoliths, 1 February 2017
  • ‘Bananas’, Luna, no. 13, 1981
  • ‘cathedrals in their middle age’, Out of the Box: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Poets, edited by Michael Farrell and Jill Jones, Puncher & Wattmann Poetry, 2009
  • ‘Confessional’, Turnstyle, 1984
  • ‘Days Dressed in Dream and Black Wire’, Southern Review, no. 4, 1983
  • ‘Death by Drowning’, ‘A First Hearing’, ABC Radio, 1982
  • ‘Dimitris is not Dead’, Quadrant, December 1989
  • ‘Dinner at Whistler’s’, Out of the Box: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Poets, edited by Michael Farrell and Jill Jones, Puncher & Wattmann Poetry, 2009
  • ‘Domestic Suburban Vignette’, Nocturnal Submissions, no. 1, 1991
  • ‘Dreaming of Zeppelins’, Fine Line, 1988
  • ‘Egg’, Melbourne Chronicle, no. 4 (28), September/October 1981
  • ‘Epic Red’, La Mama Poetica Anthology, MUP, 1989
  • Excerpts from A Crowd of Voices, 3RPH, 1986
  • ‘Exposed’, ‘A First Hearing’, ABC Radio, 31 December 1989; in Overland, no. 120, 1990; and in Perseverance Poets’ Collection 1991–92, 1992. This poem won the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ John Shaw Neilson Award for Poetry in 1989 (awarded on 22 February 1990 at Dallas Brooks Hall, East Melbourne.)
  • ‘Fentham’, HIV Here and Now Project and The Body ( November 2016
  • ‘Flowers for the Dead’, Family Ties: Australian poems of the family, edited by Jennifer Strauss. Melbourne: Oxford, 1998
  • ‘Flowers for the Dead’, Overland, no. 120, 1990
  • ‘How We Sleep’, Nocturnal Submissions, no. 1, 1991
  • ‘Hunger’, Quadrant, March 1982
  • ‘I don’t like 9.2.5.’, 9.2.5.,no. 11, 1981
  • ‘Is Sex Important?’, Big Bang, 1984
  • ‘Ishmael’, Studio, 1990
  • ‘Letter from a man at war’, Poems in Public Places, Autumn 1980
  • ‘Love’, Overland, no. 80, 1980
  • ‘Love’, The Oxford Book of Australian Love Poems, edited by Jennifer Strauss, 1993 (hardback); and in The Oxford Book of Australian Love Poems, edited by Jennifer Strauss, 1994 (paperback)
  • ‘Mario Giacomelli’s Scanno’, P76, 1985
  • ‘Museums of beautiful art’, Out of the Box: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Poets, edited by Michael Farrell and Jill Jones, Puncher & Wattmann Poetry, 2009
  • Ode to John Tranter’, Meanjin, 1984
  • Ode to John Tranter‘, Ashbery Mode, edited by Michael Farrell, Tinfish Press, 2019
  • ‘Our Winter Solstice’, The Listener, December 1980
  • ‘Painting Song’, Overland no. 1, 1996. Published under the heading ‘Two poems about love; for R. Angelo’
  • ‘Passion’, The Bulletin, 1982
  • ‘Persistence of Vision’, Ascent, no. 1, 1979; and in Campaign, no. 44, 1979
  • ‘Report on the Ministers’, The Bulletin, 1983
  • ‘Self-Criticism (13/2/88)’, Cargo, no. 7, 1989
  • ‘Talking Heads’, Big Bang, 1984
  • ‘the dear departed’, Out of the Box: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Poets, edited by Michael Farrell and Jill Jones, Puncher & Wattmann Poetry, 2009
  • ‘The Faithful’, Overland, no. 117, 1990
  • ‘The General Dream’, Christians Writing, 1984
  • ‘The High Price of Travelling’, Image, Volume 4, no. 3, 1981
  • ‘The K-Tel Instant Love Poem and Cigarette Machine’, Nation Review, July 1980
  • ‘The Mystic Writing-Pad’, Fine Line, 1988
  • ‘The Poetry of Wallace Stevens’, Ash Magazine, 1984
  • ‘The Things in the Sea’, Perseverance Poets’ Collection 1991-92, 1992
  • ‘The Weight of Freedom’, ‘A First Hearing’, ABC Radio, 1982; in Christians Writing, 1984; and in Turnstyle, 1984
  • ‘The Whole Truth’, Overland no. 1, 1996. Published under the heading ‘Two poems about love; for R. Angelo’
  • ‘Three Days’, ‘Writer’s Radio’, 5UV, 1980
  • Three poems from ‘Self-Criticism’, The ninth satire, Perseverance Poets’ Collection 1991–92, 1992
  • ‘Waiting’, Overland, no. 83, 1980
  • [Years ago, when I was reading], Pink Cover Zine, No. 3, November 2018

Assistant editor publications

Public relations publications

  • Manager of media relations, RMIT University, 1994–2000
  • Annual Report of the Victorian AIDS Council, 1986
  • Annual Reports of the Victorian Public Service Association, 1987–1989
  • Articles in the VPSA News, 1987–1991
  • Photography in the VPSA News, 1987–1991
  • Editor of VPSA News, 1988–1991
  • Articles in Public Perspective, 1992–1993
  • Photography in Public Perspective, 1992–1993
  • Editor of Public Perspective, 1992–1993

Government and university publications

  • Editor of RMIT Discovery and RMIT Openline, 1994–2000
  • Articles and photography in RMIT Openline, the RMIT University newspaper, 1994–2000
  • Annual Reports of RMIT University, 1996–2000
  • Enterprise, 2004 (Electronic publication of major Victorian government projects.)
  • Parliamentary reports of the Victorian Auditor-General, February 2008–2012
  • AustLit references

Radio and advertising publications

  • Over 150 hours of live radio broadcasts on 3CR, Melbourne, 1979-1981
  • Advertising copy for various union, university and health services campaigns
  • A series of advertisements for the Victorian AIDS Council providing information about prevention of infection by HIV; the text of various pamphlets, 1986-1987
  • Advertisements for the corporate advertising campaign of RMIT University, 1997
When you say yes… say yes to safe sex.
‘When you say yes… say yes to safe sex.’ Information flyer of the Victorian AIDS Council.


  • John Shaw Neilson Award for Poetry, Fellowship of Australian Writers, 1989, for ‘Exposed‘ (awarded 22 February 1990).
  • Mary Gilmore Prize for Poetry, Association for the Study of Australian Literature, 1986, for A crowd of voices
  • Anne Elder Award, Fellowship of Australian Writers, 1986, for A crowd of voices
  • John Masefield Prize, University of Melbourne, 1983
  • Springfest Poetry Prize, 1979 (Judge: Barbara Giles)


  • commendation in poetry section of the National Book Council Banjo Awards, 1994, for The ninth satire
  • shortlisted in the omnishambles of the 2016 notJack prize for ‘writing from place’.


  • Victorian Ministry for the Arts, to Pariah Press, for A crowd of voices, 1986
  • Literary Arts Board, Australia Council writer’s assistance grant, mixed genre, 1988-1990
  • Arts Victoria, for work on The ninth satire, 1993




Cover of 'The ninth satire': Charles Blackman's 'The Mask' (1989). Reproduced with permission of the artist.
Cover of «The ninth satire»: Charles Blackman’s ‘The Mask’ (1989). Reproduced with permission of the artist.


Artist : Peter Booth (Australia, b.1940) Title : Date : -1981Medium Description: oil on canvasDimensions : Credit Line : Purchased with assistance from the Visual Arts Board Australia Council 1981Image Credit Line : Accession Number : 203.1981
Cover image: Peter Booth (Australia, b.1940), Painting 1981. Used with permission of the artist.

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  • Michelle Ramin | in real life - Michelle Ramin won the San Francisco Bay Guardian 2014 Goldie Award for Excellence in Visual Art. She has exhibited her paintings in San Francisco, New York, Portland, Nashville, New Orleans, and in the UK. She was born in North Central Pennsylvania and currently lives and works in San Francisco. Ramin studied at Penn State University …
  • Victoria Contreras Flores | correspondence - Victoria Contreras Flores received her degree and PhD from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She was born and lives in Valencia, Spain, and is the creator of ARTNATOMY, and a great variety of other artistic projects.
  • Santiago Cañón Valencia | interview - Santiago Cañón Valencia is a cellist. An emerging solo artist of great technical brilliance, he was born in Bogotá, Colombia, completed his bachelor degree with James Tennant at the University of Waikato in New Zealand and advanced studies with Andrés Díaz at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Winner of many awards, he has performed with orchestras in Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and Hungary.
  • David Hensel | interview - I cheered on reading Brian Sewell’s scathing article about the Summer Exhibition, because I read it returning from going to the preview, where I’d hoped to find my own sculpture. Instead what I found was the empty base, without the sculpture. We know the art market prefers obscure art as somehow more advanced, and anything …
  • Victoria Contreras Flores | Art~natomist - Artnatomia is a tremendously clever use of Flash and a great educational tool. It is the inspirational work of art teacher and artist, Victoria Contreras Flores, who, with a contrary view of the demands of the art market, has decided to concentrate on using new tools and media to express herself and teach her students. Her …

Drawings and images

In print

Rabbit—a journal of nonfiction poetry, number 24: LGBTQIA+ (May 2018)
Rabbit—a journal of nonfiction poetry, number 24: LGBTQIA+ (May 2018)
  • Mystic writing pad 7 [20171212 drawing, 297x297mm], incorporating excerpts of a diary by Trevor Williams; and ‘Transposition in the words of James Baldwin’ by Stephen J. Williams, which is a transposition in words spoken by James Baldwin: published in Rabbit Poetry—a journal for non-fiction poetry (May 2018).
  • Mystic writing pad 5 [drawing, 297mm x 297mm] incorporating [most there is just this] and ‘Sr Pessoa’, both poems by Stephen J. Williams; and Sigmund Freud’s ‘A note upon the Mystic Writing Pad’ (1925): Published in Pink Cover Zine No.3 (November 2018).


  • Linden New Art—Postcard Show 2018–19, 2019–20
  • Brunswick Street Gallery—’Small Works 2019′

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