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  • Victoria Contreras Flores | correspondence - Victoria Contreras Flores received her degree and PhD from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She was born and lives in Valencia, Spain, and is the creator of ARTNATOMY, and a great variety of other artistic projects.
  • Welcome to Omelas - Australia is the imaginary world of Ursula K. Le Guin In 1973 Ursula K. Le Guin published the story ‘The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas’, describing a happy, well-organised, successful and wholly imaginary society. The story has no plot or characters. It is not really a ‘story’ at all. It is the literary version …
  • Take the pledge - … Take the pledge by sharing this graphic in any way you prefer. Download it and use it on Facebook. Send it in replies to emails from politicians. Use it as an avatar. Send the message to politicians that you will not vote for them if they support detaining asylum-seekers. More posts about asylum-seekers and …
  • Done in our name - Our capacity to blame politicians for what they have done in our name appears to have no limit—as though the agency we have through the ballot box to empower our representatives were not the same agency we should use to judge them.
  • What happened, Mr Doherty? - When it comes to the issue of Australia's treatment of asylum seekers, no-one escapes blame—not politicians, not media, and certainly not the Australian 'public'. Australia's asylum seeker problem is entirely the fault of the Australian people. It has little or nothing to do with people smugglers.
  • Welcome, Arjun! (Park the elephant anywhere.) - Among the people who have tried to arrive in Australia by boat in the last few decades were probably many, whatever their religion, who knew all the details of this story already, and knew its lessons … Every Friday night Sebastian comes around for dinner and drinks. Last Friday he asked if he could invite Arjun to …


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Chronology | 2014–present

7 August 2017
 Asylum seeker found dead on Manus Island  
4 August 2017
 ‘You are worse than I am’: Trump told Turnbull he admired offshore detention
19 July 2017
 Offshore detention cost taxpayers $5bn in four years – and asylum seekers remain in limbo
15 July 2017
 US officials walk out of Australia-run Nauru detention centre
5 July 2017
 Manus refugees told to leave detention centre or jeopardise US resettlement
14 June 2017
 Government to pay $70m damages to 1,905 Manus detainees in class action
12 June 2017
 UN official says Australia responsible for ‘inhuman’ treatment of asylum seekers
3 June 2017
 First Dog on the Moon’s disappointing adventures as Ambassador of Refugee Legal
17 May 2017
 Revealed: year-long campaign to make conditions harsher for Manus refugees | and Surveillance
15 May 2017
 Manus Island detention centre to close by 30 June, detainees told
3 May 2017
 Asylum seeker boat turnbacks illegal and don’t deter people, report finds | »» Report
25 April 2017
 Manus Island controversy: who said what and when | “Papua New Guinea police dispute a claim by Australia’s immigration minister, Peter Dutton, that a mob attack on asylum seekers was sparked after a five-year-old boy was led to the detention centre” | however, Andrew Bolt: Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s critics tell real untruths | and also Behrouz Boochani, We Don’t Have The Power To Defend Ourselves Against The Government’s Misinformation | Eyewitness accounts »»
20 April 2017
 Peter Dutton alleges Manus shooting rampage sparked after refugees seen with boy
15 April 2017
 Manus Island asylum seeker injured after group tries to storm detention centre
11 April 2017
 ‘I don’t understand how such a place became normal in the Australian psyche’
2 April 2017
 Australians who blew the whistle on offshore detention to speak at global summit
22 March 2017
 US refugee deal: Architect of deal says arrangement loosely based on Australia ‘doing more’
21 March 2017
 Nauru detains two detention centre guards after revoking visas
14 March 2017
 Manus centre has been closed, PNG chief justice says – despite the 800 men still held there
7 March 2017
 Manus Island refugee arrested for alleged sexual assault of 10-year-old girl
15 February 2017
 Manus Island detention centre to close by year’s end, inquest told
2 February 2017
 Trump told Turnbull refugee agreement was the ‘worst deal ever’ – report
29 January 2017
 Trump tells Turnbull US will honour Manus and Nauru deal despite refugee ban
2 January 2017
 Iranian refugees in custody on Manus after assault by PNG police, advocates say
24 December 2016
 Sudanese refugee dies in Brisbane hospital after medivac from Manus
29 November 2016
 Hamid Kehazaei inquest: doctors faced ‘political pressure’ over patient transfers
12 November 2016
 Refugees held in Australian offshore detention to be resettled in US
26 October 2016
 Australia’s Poisonous Refugee Policy
15 October 2016
 Nauru files: review confirms 19 police referrals over abuse claims, yet no prosecutions
7 October 2016
 UN tells Nauru to take urgent action to investigate abuse of refugee children
26 September 2016
 Communications ‘chaos’ alleged before asylum seeker boat sank off Christmas Island | concerning events in 2010 
20 September 2016
 The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, has said resettling women and child refugees from Nauru was a matter of “first priority” for his government but has not nominated a third country to where they might go.
15 September 2016
 Peter Dutton: “We have had people smugglers that have tried to send boats across the top of Australia to New Zealand before. Let me make this very important point that people — if they’ve sought to come by boat — it doesn’t matter where they’re resettled, New Zealand or somewhere else, they will not be coming to Australia at any point.” | Then: The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, has said Australia’s regional processing relationship with Nauru will continue for “decades”. | Reported in The Guardian 
14 September 2016
 Two-thirds of Australians want Nauru and Manus refugees to be resettled, poll shows
3 September 2016
 Time to shut Nauru and Manus camps, says government’s refugee policy guru | [Paris] Aristotle, along with Michael L’Estrange, Sir Angus Houston, sat on the 2012 Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers, that recommended to the Gillard Labor government, along with 21 other recommendations, the re-opening of offshore detention camps on Nauru and Manus as part of “comprehensive regional network” …
 Some blunt truths and a ray of hope for the refugee justice movement60% of Australians believed the government was either “too soft” or “taking the right approach” on asylum seekers 
1 September 2016
 Retired judge, 88, offers ‘body swap’ with a refugee on Manus or Nauru
 Australia has lost its way | ‘Does Writing Matter?’ — The inaugural Boisbouvier Lecture, Melbourne Writers Festival 2016, by Richard Flanagan
17 August 2016
 Australia confirms Manus Island immigration detention centre will close
 Manus Island detention centre to close, Australia and Papua New Guinea agree
 Refugee protesters disrupt Malcolm Turnbull speech: ‘Close the bloody camps’
 ‘This is critical’: 103 Nauru and Manus staff speak out – their letter in full
13 August 2016
 A solution to our refugee crisis | by Frank Brennan, Tim Costello, Robert Manne, John Menadue
12 August 2016
 Adam Giles, Peter Dutton: the problem is you | Comment in Sydney Morning Herald 
11 August 2016
 Nauru files reveal cases of alleged sexual violence and child abuse not disclosed to parliamentWilson Security, contracted to protect asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru, did not tell an Australian Senate inquiry about at least 16 serious allegations 
 Peter Dutton accuses asylum seekers of false claims of sexual assault in Nauru files
8 August 2016
 Border patrol still have orders allowing boat turnbacks in foreign waters, tribunal reveals
6 August 2016
 Refugee with growing breast lump has medical transfer from Nauru cancelled
27 July 2016
 Stop the torture of kids in youth detention
15 July 2016
 Unicef urges Coalition to resettle asylum seeker children from Nauru by end of year
14 July 2016
 Nauru justice minister accuses Guardian and ABC of trying to destabilise government
28 June 2016
 Immigration department failed to properly oversee healthcare provider, reviews showDocuments reveal IHMS, contracted for health services for asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus, failed to meet medical targets
23 June 2016
 Vietnamese asylum seekers turned back after being processed at seaAustralian navy intercepts boat with 21 people, the third from Vietnam to be stopped in past 14 months


20 June 2016
 The worst I’ve seen – trauma expert lifts lid on ‘atrocity’ of Australia’s detention regimePaul Stevenson has worked in the aftermath of the Bali bombings and the Boxing Day tsunami but says nothing he witnessed was as bad as the treatment of asylum seekers he saw on Nauru and Manus.
18 June 2016
 Indonesia waits for better weather before ‘escorting’ boat arrivals back to sea | “Australia’s policy of turning back boats has come under criticism by the UNHCR which says its approach in the region has created a “bottleneck” and placed more pressure on countries like Indonesia.”
17 June 2016
 Searching for Soweto: mystery of a man whose image defined apartheid brutality | “Canada remains one of the few western countries in the world without any limit on the detention of immigrants, leading to situations like that of Vinnetou, who spent years in prison despite never being charged with a crime.” 
7 June 2016
 Refugee women on Nauru are exposed to horrific trauma every day
18 May 2016
 Australian election turns toxic with debate over ‘illiterate and innumerate’ refugees | An acrimonious debate over asylum seekers has taken centre stage in Australia’s election campaign after the immigration minister warned that “illiterate and innumerate” refugees were likely to “languish” on unemployment queues and also “take Australian jobs”.
11 May 2016
 Bangladeshi refugee dies on Nauru of suspected heart attack | The 26-year-old checked himself into hospital suffering from chest pains but dies before he can be taken to Australia for treatment
7 May 2016
 Asylum seekers deported from Cocos Islands arrested by Sri Lankan police
6 May 2016
 Immigration department compensates Save the Children over sacked Nauru workers
26 April 2016
 Papua New Guinea court rules detention of asylum seekers on Manus unconstitutional
19 April 2016
 Reza Barati: men convicted of asylum seeker’s murder to be free in less than four years
13 April 2016
 ‘We are the forgotten people’: the anguish of Australia’s ‘invisible’ asylum seekersNearly 29,000 asylum seekers are in Australia on temporary ‘bridging visas’. These people may be free from detention but — with many denied education, healthcare and the right to work — they remain locked in desperate poverty and with no idea what their futures hold.
3 April 2016
  Asylum seeker children still in detention despite claims all have been released | The government has reclassified sections of detention centres as “community detention” in order to be able to claim that all children have been released from immigration detention. 
31 March 2016
 Voters in marginal seats want more compassionate asylum policy, poll shows
29 March 2016
 Manus detainees told they will be separated, then resettled or repatriated | “Refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island have been told they will be separated—forcibly if necessary—in detention, before being resettled elsewhere in Papua New Guinea or deported from the country. At a meeting in the Manus Island detention centre on Tuesday morning, the 900 men held there were told they would be moved within a week. Extra security has reportedly been flown to the island to assist.”
27 March 2016
 Tony Abbott: I was right to put national security before moral posturing
 Abbott’s Sri Lanka comments ‘excuse war crimes’, Tamil refugee advocates say 
19 March 2016
 Australian government could save $2.9bn by closing detention centres
15 March 2016
 As a child on Nauru I was NR03-283, but my name is Mohammad Ali BaqiriA Spanish company is poised to take over the running of Australia’s offshore detention centres and risks being associated with human rights abuses forever.
5  March 2016
 Notes on the Syrian exodus: ‘Epic in scale, inconceivable until you witness it’ 
21 February 2016
 Baby Asha: immigration minister confirms community detention in Australia
6 February 2016
 Asylum seekers: 23 vessels turned back but Coalition stays silent on payments | “Turnbacks are happening on a regular basis,” Hanson-Young said. “It really begs the question: have the boats stopped? Well according to the head of Operation Sovereign Borders, no they haven’t. They’re being turned around, but they haven’t stopped coming here.”
4 February 2016
 Churches offer sanctuary to asylum seekers facing deportation to Nauru
#letthemstay protest at the State Library of Victoria, 4 February 2016.
#letthemstay protest at the State Library of Victoria, 4 February 2016.


3 February 2016
 High court upholds Australia’s right to detain asylum seekers offshore
19 January 2016
 Australia’s offshore detention damages asylum seekers because it’s supposed to | Ben Doherty 
18 January 2016
 Malcolm Turnbull should have the government apologise ASAP to Save the Children over Nauru fiasco | Michelle Grattan
16 January 2016
 Key witness in Reza Barati murder trial fears he will be killed on Manus Island
2 January 2016
 Immigration officials knew refugee Abyan still wanted abortion, emails show
28 December 2015
 It is time for Australia to set the refugees free | The Age
30 November 2015
 FactCheck Q&A: have any refugees who came to Australia gone on to be terrorists?
27 November 2015
 Media Praises Turnbull’s ‘Reasoned’ And ‘Nuanced’ Torture Of Asylum Seekers | New Matilda
25 November 2015
 Christmas Island asylum seeker boat ‘disappeared’ after being towed by navy
23 November 2015
 Senate passes bill calling for release of all children in immigration detention
29 October 2015
 Australian officials paid asylum seeker boat crew, Amnesty investigation alleges
28 October 2015
 Catholic priests slam Tony Abbott’s anti-immigration Margaret Thatcher Lecture
 This is Abyan’s story, and it is Australia’s story
17 October 2015
 The pregnant Nauru rape victim and the criminal inhumanity of Peter Dutton | Bob Ellis
15 October 2015
 Nauru: alleged rape victim may be charged with false complaint |  Justice minister accuses media outlets including the Guardian and the ABC of ‘shameful, unethical and dishonest’ reporting.
5 October 2015
 Nauru says it will process remaining 600 refugee claims within a week
1 October 2015
 ‘Crucial test’: 450 University of Sydney staff urge Turnbull government to stop asylum seeker ‘torture’ | The Age
26 September 2015
 Reza Barati | A 23-year-old Iranian asylum seeker who was killed in violent clashes at the detention centre on Manus Island on 17 February 2014
23 September 2015
 Asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru won’t settle in Australia, Turnbull says
21 September 2015
 Men accused of Reza Barati’s death in Manus detention centre stand trial
8 September 2015
 Fact check: do refugee claims made by Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton stack up?
7 September 2015
 Operation rescue: the Christians of the Middle East face extinction
5 September 2015
 A life in limbo: the refugees who fled torture only to end up trapped indefinitely on Manus
3 September 2015
 Australia’s Brutal Treatment of Migrants | New York Times editorial
30 August 2015
 Plan to resettle refugees in Cambodia collapses
27 August 2015
 Transfield profits drop as shareholders sell over asylum abuse on Nauru, Manus
21 August 2015
 The Nauru inquiry may well be Australia’s Abu Ghraib moment
20 August 2015
 Nauru detention centre misconduct: security chief’s false evidence
6 August 2015
 Australia turned back 20 asylum seeker boats with 633 people in past 18 months
21 July 2015
 Fraud ‘inevitable’ over asylum seeker health targets, leaked documents show
11 July 2015
 Calling Nauru to account | The Age editorial
1 July 2015
 Detention centre staff speak out in defiance of new asylum secrecy laws
29 June 2015
 Doctors have used a prestigious medical journal to protest Australia’s ‘repressive’ laws on asylum seekers
27 June 2015
 Legal challenge to Australia’s offshore detention of asylum seekers goes ahead
20 June 2015
 Guards at Nauru paid for and taped sex with refugees – former case manager
16 June 2015
 Asylum boat turnbacks: Australia paid people smugglers under former Labor government
12 June 2015
 Tony Abbott refuses to rule out paying people smugglers to turn back boats | Audio excerpt
10 June 2015
 Peter Dutton invokes ‘on-water’ secrecy over claim of payments to boat crew
5 June 2015
 Nauru guards were spying on Sarah Hanson-Young, Senate inquiry told
2 June 2015
 Australia turned back 65 people on boat, including a pregnant woman, police chief says
31 May 2015
 Doctors say Nauru refugee boy could be disabled without urgent surgery on arm
25 May 2015
 Doctors’ association demands end to the ‘inhumane’ treatment of asylum seekers
16 May 2015
 Indonesian navy rescues 200 from ocean near Aceh, after 750 saved earlier
 The last time they turned back the boats | Jeff Sparrow
26 April 2015
 Migrant boat crisis: the story of the Greek hero on the beach
18 April 2015
 Darwin detention centre families taken to Nauru in early hours
15 April 2015
 Australia prepares to send first refugees from Nauru to Cambodia
11 April 2015
 Julie Bishop to lobby Iran to accept forcibly returned asylum seekers
9 April 2015
 A full inquiry is needed into detention regime | The Age editorial
31 March 2015
 Government knew of abuse months before it acted, staff to allege
29 March 2015
 Tim Winton’s Palm Sunday plea: Start the soul-searching Australia
22 March 2015
 Moss Review and details about expulsion of Save the Children workers from Nauru
21 March 2015
 Moss review of negligence on Nauru
4 October 2014
 Nauru staff report child abuse
2 May 2014
 Commission of Audit reveals offshore processing budget blowout
8 January 2014
 Australians want boat arrivals treated more harshly: poll


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 Articles on Australian immigration and asylum
28 April 1976
 First boat arrives from Vietnam in Darwin Harbor
April 1975
 Some Viet refugees can come: Whitlam


Refugee Art Project

S, ‘Tongue in Cheek’, white ink on black paper, 21x29cm
S, ‘Tongue in Cheek’, white ink on black paper, 21x29cm


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