after Invocation

we re off to see some movies/a double
feature at the uni sex college of prolonged
education/with its jeans jumpers t shirts
medium length hair & macho moustaches/
& there s this guy on the screen who s
wrapping hashish in silver foil like
cadbury chocolate/& smuggling it across
the border until he gets caught because
the authorities in turkey are really
into catching chocolate smugglers/there s
a moral here/& it s in the next movie/
where rae desmond is the new jesus
christ/grown 2000 yrs old of donkeys
& philistines/steps off his fat 500cc
BMW/& with all the christian love of
a man about to prove a point/commences
to bash the shit out of a bondi surfie/
who said his pomes weren t punk enough!
—pour it on rae/pour it on!

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