‘The Cinema Redemption’

I am in the Cinema Redemption—which is naturally a cinema where one begins watching the movie of one’s existence in one place and then has to move into another place to see the finish. There is a mud track between the two cinemas. The cinemas are, in any case, only tents—like the tents in which revival meetings are held. When I move into the second cinema, along the mud track, to see the remaining part of Being, there are thousands of people with me, all of them also come to be redeemed, like me. I think that it’s strange and wonderful that the actors in the movie we are watching are not like other screen actors, but appear to be real people—a whole procession of them that enters the cinema from behind the audience. They have their make-up on. After they walk up to the centre of the meeting, they step into the screen and the movie begins. The movie comes to its denouement with the actors asking us, “Why are you lost?” I am shocked by this, and even more by the audience, which responds, “It’s Riccardo’s fault!” But I did not respond, keeping my mouth buttoned tight. I know that their answer was wrong and that, in truth, if I were to speak at all, I would have to say, “It is my fault.”

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