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I pledge not to vote for any political party or individual whose policies support detaining asylum-seekers in facilities managed on behalf of the Australian government.

… Take the pledge by sharing this graphic in any way you prefer.

  • Download it and use it on Facebook.
  • Send it in replies to emails from politicians.
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Send the message to politicians that you will not vote for them if they support detaining asylum-seekers.

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  • Done in our name - Our capacity to blame politicians for what they have done in our name appears to have no limit—as though the agency we have through the ballot box to empower our representatives were not the same agency we should use to judge them.
  • What happened, Mr Doherty? - When it comes to the issue of Australia's treatment of asylum seekers, no-one escapes blame—not politicians, not media, and certainly not the Australian 'public'. Australia's asylum seeker problem is entirely the fault of the Australian people. It has little or nothing to do with people smugglers.
  • Welcome, Arjun! (Park the elephant anywhere.) - Among the people who have tried to arrive in Australia by boat in the last few decades were probably many, whatever their religion, who knew all the details of this story already, and knew its lessons … Every Friday night Sebastian comes around for dinner and drinks. Last Friday he asked if he could invite Arjun to …
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